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An electronic music piece created to around the idea of the prime number. The piece was created in Reaper using various virtual instruments and effects. The academic purpose of this piece was to create a track using solely virtual instruments to gain understanding working with plugins and a DAW.

Marcha Tanta

Max Ernst’s painting The Triumph of Surrealism is what inspired this work. Ernst’s painting was a reaction to the Spanish Republicans’ victory in the Spanish Civil War. This served as the basis of the piece, the Marcha Real, or royal march, which is the national anthem of Spain. Marcha Tanta, “foolish march” in Spanish, serves to highlight the unease and chaos of the rein of the fascist Francisco Franco. The work is meant to sound like standing in a crowd listening to a poorly trained band, when the creature pictured in the painting turns the rally into chaos. Gibber, Musescore, and Reaper were the primary software used to create this project.

George Goes Downtown

This 12-Tone composition for piano is named after the character Curious George because of its rambunctious nature. It was so aptly named after it was played for the composer’s friends. The work was composed using a Stravinsky rotational array centered around F. See this guide on how the array maps to the piece.


Prime Numbers Slap

This set theory composition uses the set (0 1 2 3 5 7 9 E). Though not prime, the 9 is included to give the set an even number of items to use in composition. The instrumentation was chosen because of the composer’s liking of the timbres of the instruments individually, and they wanted to hear them together.


Movement: For Horn

This graphic score is structured by an increasing and decreasing level of abstraction. It is also inspired by dreaming. The piece requires physical movement within the performance space to create unique sounds.



The Best Distractions

This piece was made to emulate the musique concrète style of Pierre Schaeffer. A selection of ten samples was manipulated using panning, playback speed, cutting, and volume and only uses two tracks. The inspiration for this work are the background noises and thoughts we tend to ignore that seem to become louder and louder the more I try to focus. Although, some distractions, especially from people we care about, are worth losing focus.

Oh Shit, Someone Put Fergie in the Particle Accelerator

This composition was created using SuperCollider and samples from Fergie’s infamous performance of the Star Spangled Banner in 2020. The concept for the piece was inspired by the comedic performance and the name of the software used in the creation of the work.

Subliminal Messaging

Composed with the same samples used in The Best Distractions, this work uses only one track, panning, volume, and cutting to create its sound. It opens with a simple key to decipher the rest of the messaging in the piece, which is not so subliminal if you know what you are listening for.